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If you are also interested in making catchy and beautiful visual content, click on the image below to find some tips:


The "Cake Blog" comic explores meaningful uses of online community building sites and applications. It emphasizes sharing skills and knowledge and shows how acquiring digital skills can enhance communication, writing, and language abilities.

The interactive lecture accompanying the comic could be supplemented by a discussion concerning the workshop participants' skills. What are your skills in an activity you enjoy? What would you like to blog about?

To extend the exercise, you could try to co-design or co-create a blog entry or even formulate a communication plan, depending on the participants' prior experience.

The cake blog 1 English.png

Based on the comic you can initiate a conversation about the good and bad use of social media.

Share thoughts about the role of internet/social media in sharing original skills and knowledge and how this can help inclusion of people with migrant background 

The cake blog 2 English.jpg

Talk about the techniques and skills needed for video creation What other alternative ways exist  to share your thoughts, skills etc?

Recommended activity:

Co-create a scenario for a video tutorial in which you share something you know how to do.


Promoting the use of online community-building platforms and sharing of images and videos must also involve raising awareness about the polluting nature of shared and stored content.

The two games that complement the comic are designed to examine the concept and impact of digital pollution, helping users become more mindful of their digital tool use.

Fake Party
For the following exercices, you will need to open Google Maps on your smartphone or your computer  :

In the final part of his comic trilogy, Erjan Arslan explores how we utilize online tools and smart devices for leisure activities, to discover outdoor or cultural events, and to connect with others through social media. He illustrates the practical use of apps, such as convenient bike renting and Google Maps for navigation. However, blindly trusting information circulating on social media is not advisable. Even with Google Maps, if you fail to verify a few details about your destination, you might end up in unexpected locales.


Boxes 1-6: Related to the comics, list the different  online and smart tools and applications that you use in your everyday life.


Boxes 1-6: Here, you can talk about how important it is to check the sources of information that you can find on the Internet. and to have a critical mind when getting advices.


The games accompanying the comics can assist in practicing the use of Google Maps, providing starting points and destinations in Berlin, Paris, and Marseille. You can improve your navigation skills and learn about these cities simply by examining the map through these games. Additionally, these games can serve as a tool to enhance language skills in workshops, by having participants explain their routes from one point to another.

How the continuously flowing news about the tragical event happening back home can lead to isolation and depression ? How to deal with it if possible ? These are the questions posed by Nada Ahmad in her last comics.
Reminders From My Friend The Pigeon pg1(1).png
How does it happen that you always fall upon the same news? Does it happen that you even forget about doing other basic things such as eating, going out for a walk?
Reminders From My Friend The Pigeon pg2(1).png
Explore and discuss how social media can be used differently: as mean to build community, to provoke change.


Protecting yourself of the abusive use of digital tools comprehends also the capacity to detect fake news...  In addition to protecting your mental health with some simple gestures to reduce the use of digital devices, you can also contribute to the protection of the environment. Learn how through the second game. 

smart appli

Smart applications enumerates a couple of regular tasks that nowadays we do online on our smartphones: writing CV, using templates, answering to job offers, sending money, learning languages, finding places and even finding the love of our life.

The comics is completed by two games to explore other applications and their uses as well as by the list of places with digital accessibility in the city of Marseille.

Smart applications 1 english.jpg

Recommended activities:


Frames 1-2: Write a concise CV using a template

Frames 3-4: Create an email address if you don't have one yet

Frames 5-6: Download on your smartphone one of the freely available language learning applications

Smart applications 2 English.jpg

Recommended activities:


Frames 3-4: Play one of the Google map games (find them above) to improve orientation skills.


The comic is completed by two games to explore other applications and their uses as well as by the list of places with digital accessibility in the city of Marseille. The game sessions in the form of a collective quiz game can help the facilitator to map the learners initial knowledge about these tools.

Savunmasızlıktan Teyakkuza Bir Yolculuk

victime 1 TURC.png
victime 2 TURC.png

The comic delves into the perils of sharing personal information online, urging users to seek assistance and report instances of cybercrime.

victime 1 ENGLISH.jpg

Frames 1-6: Being inexperienced in the use of digital tools is not  something that you should be ashamed of. Do not hesitate to ask for help or advice if you have doubts.

victime 2 ENGLISH.jpg


Frames 3-5: Reporting cybercrimes is not only useful to help yourself, but it is also a duty to preserve other from becoming victims too.


Through the games, you can learn more about dangers and risks you are confronted to when using the net and sharing information about yourself. You can also learn strategies and a couple of simple gestures on how to protect yourself and your personal data.

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